This year, Baker's 13 have brought back our popular chocolate chili logcake from two years ago. Dark chocolate infused with a hint of chili. Approximately 18 cm length and 1 kg in weight. Only $50 per cake. CLICK HERE TO ORDER.

If you are more traditional, we have a non-chili version of the same chocolate logcake. CLICK HERE TO ORDER.

Or try our traditional Christmas Fruit Cake with blackcurrents, raisins, citrus peel, green cherries, cranberries mixed and baked to perfection. Approximately 5 inches in diameter. Only $30 per cake. CLICK HERE TO ORDER.

In addition we have added an array of meringue cookies (i.e orange and ginger bread flavours). Approximately 40 grams in each air tight container. Only $7.50 per bottle. CLICK HERE TO ORDER GINGER BREAD MERINGUE.


New this season is the Spiced Gourmet Nuts with roasted almonds and pecans in mixed spices. CLICK HERE TO ORDER

See details in our brochure.

Methods to Order:-

CALL : +65 6440 6003



DATES TO NOTE : Orders will close on 20 December 2016, and Final collection for all items is the 24 December 2016.

EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT : We are offering a 10% discount for purchases made before the 10 December 2016.

DELIVERY TERMS : For Total Orders below $150 a $25 delivery fee is chargable. For Total Orders above $150 this is wavied. But due to the tight Christmas Schedule, kindly inform earlier to secure the delivery slot you require (on a first-come-first serve basis).

ENQUIRIES : For any enquiries kindly call 6440 6003 or email us HERE.